Thursday, January 21, 2010


How have I not mentioned this? The Olympics start in 22 DAYS. We still have three weeks to wait (THREE WHOLE WEEKS. I cannot abide it), and yet my life is already being taken over by them. Yesterday I spent my lunch hour comparing the event schedule with the proposed dates for our next book club meeting. I may even have used the phrase “we have a bit of an Olympics situation here” in an email. (And we did. The Tuesdays and Thursdays in question directly conflicted with the figure skating short and long programs, first the men and then the women. Obviously, that was not going to work.)

The festivities were mentioned in our staff meeting this week, and JK told our department, “Don’t book any meetings for Hannah during those two weeks.” I assured him that my work performance would not be affected, as the games aren't in another hemisphere this time.

IRS-willing (assuming my tax refund arrives in time), I will have my new TV in time for the Opening Ceremonies. I haven’t yet found out whether my man Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post will be blogging from Vancouver, but my fingers are crossed. I don’t know how I’ll make it through without my Cheese of the Day reviews or insights on the New Zealand curling team. Seriously. Otherwise, how else would I have learned the world's greatest curling song? (That would be “Jeepers Creepers, Where’d You Get Those Sweepers,” for those who are wondering. Sweepers are the members of the team that—shocker—sweep the ice in front of the "stone"--the big rock thing--and the aforementioned song is sung to the opposing team when their sweepers have, uh, swept particularly poorly.)

I don’t actually know the rules of the game, but I do know the terminology. And now, so do you. You’re welcome.

I love the Olympics. But you knew that.

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  1. Thank you! Also, how have you filed your taxes already?! We are still waiting on forms. What TV did you get? (I ask this more for M than myself)