The Life List

Take 1,000 pictures • Watch every Oscar-winning Best Picture (so far: 25 27)
Read War and Peace • Christen a boat • Give $100 to a busker  
Complete the New York Times Sunday crossword with no help
Own a pair of Louboutins • See Dolly Parton in concert • Scuba dive
Kiss someone under mistletoe • Read 50 books in one year
See Elton John in concert • Teach my child A.A. Milne's "Three Cheers for Pooh"
At least attempt to read something by Proust • Take a ballet class again
Host 30 parties • Own a bookstore • Take each of my grandmothers out for lunch
Create an oral history • See Billy Joel in concert • Commission a painting
Take a little girl to The Nutcracker • Read all six Jane Austen novels (so far: 2)
Do karaoke • Send my parents on a vacation somewhere

Have a drink with Neil Patrick Harris • Eat at Le Bernardin
Have an Irish coffee at a local pub in Ireland • Eat at The French Laundry
Have a Manhattan at the famed Algonquin Hotel • Eat at Craft
Have hot chocolate at Angelina in Paris • Buy a hot dog from a street vendor
Eat crepes at a French cafe

Take flying lessons • Learn to cook a rib roast • Become fluent in Spanish
Learn conversational Italian •  Learn to dive (just the simple, into-a-pool kind)
Learn to ski • Change a tire • Learn to play poker
Learn to make Yorkshire pudding • Learn the two-finger whistle
Learn to swear in 7 languages • Memorize 25 poems
Use two-finger whistle to hail a cab • Bake 40 delicious pies (so far: 2)

See an Italian opera at La Scala • Sing "Sweet Caroline" at Fenway
Climb Diamond Head • Cruise the Greek isles • Vacation in a Tuscan villa
Attend a Super Bowl with the Pittsburgh Steelers playing
Set foot in 25 countries (so far: 10) • Salsa dance in Cuba
Go to the Kentucky Derby with Jules for our 40th birthdays
Attend a University of Tennessee football game • Hike Cinqueterra
Sing "Feed the Birds" on the steps of St. Paul's Cathedral
Attend Service of Lessons & Carols at King's College, Cambridge
Drive a moped along the Italian coast • See the Bolshoi or Kirov Ballets in Moscow
Set foot in all 50 states (so far: 26 27) • Go on safari
Fly a small plane over African serengeti, a la Out of Africa
Ride a camel in the desert • Attend the Last Night of the Proms
Have bespoke clothing made for me in Singapore or Thailand
Visit Machu Picchu • Pray at the Wailing Wall • Tour Ireland's Ring of Kerry
Do/see 10 things in/near DC I've never done/seen before 
(1. Attend a presidential inauguration, 2. See a show at Arena Stage, 
3. Eat/drink at Barracks Row, 4. Hike at Great Falls National Park) 
Cross both the northern and southern borders of the U.S. by car or foot
Visit the U.K. with my parents • Ice skate at Rockefeller Center
Attend the Passion Play in Oberammergau, Germany • Attend Carnival in Rio
Go to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade with my family • Visit the Egyptian pyramids
Go to 10 baseball games with Dad (1. Texas Rangers/The Ballpark at Arlington, 2. LA Dodgers/Dodger Stadium, 3. Washington Nationals/Nationals Park, 4. Atlanta Braves/Turner Field,
5. Cincinnati Reds/The Great American Ballpark, 6. New York Yankees/Yankee Stadium)

Visit Boon Lott Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand