Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday ramblings

On my way to work this morning, I discovered a few things:

1) Summer is here. Well, ish. It’s here today, at least, with the HUMIDITY and the elusive smell of sewage. I got dressed in my nice, lightweight pink dress and thought, “Eh. Too summery.” And I changed. Into jeans and a black shirt. UNWISE, this was. On the upside, I have gotten several compliments on my hair. Thanks, humidity, for the curl.

2) “The piping plover, a small sandy-colored bird, is endangered and can be seen on Nantucket.” I learned this following my regular morning coffee run, and by “regular” I mean “second day in a row,” and by “coffee” I mean “apple juice and biscotti.” Anyway, my juice bottle informed me this fact about the piping plover. Also, that a piping plover exists. Google then informed me that the piping plover is damned cute. To wit:

Cheerio there! I am cute and fluffy and endangered.

3) …

… there was another thing, but I have forgotten it.

Anyhoo, Monday commences The Month of Nothing, inasmuch as I have no trips or visitors (EDITED TO ADD: except Uncle Chris!) booked during June. So far my plans for the month include a) haircut hair trim (or possibly cut, if the attempt to grow it out fails. Which it may).

AH HAH! That was number three.

3) I may not make it to the end of the summer without cutting my hair off. Because of the HOT and the HUMID and other such things.

Right. So. Plans include a) hair trim, b) getting bridesmaid dress tailored (which I have been putting off), c) reading copious numbers of books, and d) seeing how long I can go without putting my window AC unit in.

I know. You WISH your life was this exciting.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Heard... Mom and Dad's yard sale this morning
Old man: D'ya have any guns for sale?
Dad: No, I'm sorry, I don't.
Old man: Are you sure? I'm paying good money.
Uh, yes. I'm sure.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Here, have some photos

I know, I know, I'm sorry. Since my mini-vacation and the preceding Week O'Grandparents, I have suddenly developed a social life. No idea where it came from, but between that and our big gala (for work) last weekend, I have barely been home in the evenings.

Anyway, I promise to post something interesting soon, but for now I shall (hopefully) appease you with these delightful photos from my Florida trip. Enjoy (and please pardon the weird formatting)!

Obligatory castle photo

You might think it is difficult to mount a carousel while wearing a dress. And you would be correct.

The Flower and Garden Show was happening at EPCOT. Pretty flowers everywhere!

Snow White and dwarves

We found Nemo!

Friday, May 8, 2009

[Untitled post about Jules]*

I'm leaving tonight for Florida, where I will be visiting BFF and college roommate Jules (and Miguel, of course) for the next three days. I could not be more excited. I booked this trip several months ago, during the height of the insane period at work, and the anticipation has kept me going through some stressful days.


Anyway, today also happens to be Jules' birthday. The trip is fortuitously timed.

Do all of you know about Jules? No? Well, I was going to regale you with the story of how we met (our eyes met across a crowded room and....wait, no, wrong story). It's a good story. Jules likes to tell it to people, even though it makes her sound like high-maintenance priss and me like a judgemental fool. (No comments, please.) Anyway, it's all typed up and ready and and everything... on my computer at home. Where I am not, and won't be for several days, at which point the moment will have passed. So anyway, remind me to tell you about it sometime.

Instead, I offer you this, a snapshot of Jules:

~ice cream
~the Cleveland Indians
~Muppets, specifically Kermit and Pepe
~Miguel (hopefully, since she's marrying him)
~Friends reruns
~pajama pants that are not too short for her

[Above: We are a special brand of crazy. The bows did not come with the dresses.]

~meat on bones (ie. fried chicken)
~many, many other foods
~Bob Costas
~stores that don't carry her shoe size (11)
~rude people

Stories about Jules and me (and Ash, the third in our rather loud trio) could fill an entire separate blog, but not everyone would find them as entertaining as we do. Alas. So I shall wrap this up and say FELIZ BIRTHDAY, OHKEH, Jules. I will see you in a few short hours!

[Right: See those feet under that box? They belong to Jules. I am the weirdo in the pink shirt.]

*Holy Pete, I seriously couldn't come up with a clever title for this one.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

And then we lived long and prospered

It’s possible that I’ve been watching too much TV, because I have had two very odd dreams in the last week.

The first was on Saturday night, and all I remember is that it featured Meredith from Grey’s Anatomy, Chuck from Gossip Girl, and Mia from One Tree Hill. I remember nothing about this, except that I was aware of how odd it was that my subconscious should form a scenario with these three characters, particularly as I have not watched the latter two shows in at least a year. And if you know anything about them--the shows and the characters--they have absolutely nothing in common. Also, Mia is, like, not even a regular on One Tree Hill.

Anyway. So that was weird. Last night’s dream, however, I remember in detail.

(cue wavy, fog-like atmosphere of dream sequence)

I am at the beach (Edisto) and am sitting alone at the bar at the Sunset Grill nursing a pink lemonade. It is in a martini glass with an umbrella, which, in the dream, seems totally normal. Anyway, I strike up a conversation with a handsome young fellow named Chris. In the course of the conversation, I learn that he is from California and he is an actor.

“What kind of actor? TV, film, theater?” I ask.
“Mostly film, but also some theater,” he replies.
“Would I have seen you in anything?”
…and the conversation continues, until it suddenly hits me.
“Oh. You’re Chris Pine!”

And then we got married and, because of the lack of flights from Los Angeles to Tri-Cities Regional Airport, Chris Pine chartered a plane to bring various stars and Hollywood-types to our wedding. And I moved to California, where I worked for the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Maestro Gustavo Dudamel became a close family friend and came over for the fabulous dinner parties that we hosted in our Hollywood Hills bungalow.

Here’s why this is weird: Chris Pine is an actual actor, and he is about to play Captain Kirk in the new Star Trek movie. According to
IMDB, the only thing I have ever seen him in is The Princess Diaries 2 (WHICH I ONLY WATCHED BECAUSE OF JULIE ANDREWS, thankyouverymuch). He had a rather big role in that movie, but still.

Um, okay. Where in the world galaxy did THAT come from?