Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday ramblings

On my way to work this morning, I discovered a few things:

1) Summer is here. Well, ish. It’s here today, at least, with the HUMIDITY and the elusive smell of sewage. I got dressed in my nice, lightweight pink dress and thought, “Eh. Too summery.” And I changed. Into jeans and a black shirt. UNWISE, this was. On the upside, I have gotten several compliments on my hair. Thanks, humidity, for the curl.

2) “The piping plover, a small sandy-colored bird, is endangered and can be seen on Nantucket.” I learned this following my regular morning coffee run, and by “regular” I mean “second day in a row,” and by “coffee” I mean “apple juice and biscotti.” Anyway, my juice bottle informed me this fact about the piping plover. Also, that a piping plover exists. Google then informed me that the piping plover is damned cute. To wit:

Cheerio there! I am cute and fluffy and endangered.

3) …

… there was another thing, but I have forgotten it.

Anyhoo, Monday commences The Month of Nothing, inasmuch as I have no trips or visitors (EDITED TO ADD: except Uncle Chris!) booked during June. So far my plans for the month include a) haircut hair trim (or possibly cut, if the attempt to grow it out fails. Which it may).

AH HAH! That was number three.

3) I may not make it to the end of the summer without cutting my hair off. Because of the HOT and the HUMID and other such things.

Right. So. Plans include a) hair trim, b) getting bridesmaid dress tailored (which I have been putting off), c) reading copious numbers of books, and d) seeing how long I can go without putting my window AC unit in.

I know. You WISH your life was this exciting.


  1. Hey!! What do you mean "no visitors"? Harrumph!

    (see you tomorrow).