Monday, January 25, 2010

Yet unnamed new feature. Vote today!

On frequent occasions, I'll have a thought in my head that seems like it might turn itself into a nice, substantive blog post, and then...nope. I've got nothin'. But sometimes I want to share it with you anyway, and since I've locked my Twitter feed and can no longer feed it onto this site, I'm starting a new feature. Possible titles include "Fleeting Thoughts," "Shortest. Post. Ever," and "Buried Ledes" (journalist humor! gotta love it). Post your vote in the comments!


  1. So these fleeting thoughts are more like a tweet? Less than 200 characters, random musings you might be having, but nothing that needs explanation or much pontification? Just want to make sure I understand :) I vote for Fleeting Thoughts, by the way.

  2. I, too, go with Fleeting Thoughts, though I must admit that many of your other postings could fit into that category . . . just a fleeting thought.