Sunday, August 10, 2008

Opening Ceremonies, via the wonders of text messaging

On Friday night, my family watched the Opening Ceremonies at our beach house in South Carolina. True to form, my sister kept us entertained--via text message--despite the fact that she was 500 miles away in Charleston, WV.

Me (to Jules): omg, es bob costas, ohkeh!
Jules: ewww, no me gusta! (Jules, as you may be aware, does not like Bob Costas.)
[five minutes later]
G (unprompted): I love bob costas!

Following the Budweiser ad where the dalmation trains the horse to become one of the famous Budweiser Clydesdales, we were all sitting around talking about how cute the commercial was
G: I love beer commercials!

During the tai chi section, featuring thousands of Chinese men forming perfect concentric circles
G: this is like the world's biggest marching band show

When Sarah Brightman appeared (looking like the undead, as is her usual look) to sing the Official Song of the games from atop the giant globe thingy
G: well i agree, nothing says China like a stoned Sarah Brightman

When the French delegation appeared in the parade of nations and they showed Sarkozy in the stands
G: I have a crush on the French president
G: too bad we couldn't communicate with each other (French was the one subject she nearly failed EVERY YEAR in high school and part of college)
Me: are you kidding??
G: no he is funny


  1. Gretchen is much too smart to like Bob Costas! Seriously- he is one of the most annoying people on TV.

    You know how you have a list of 5 people you would want to invite to a dinner party and you have 2 names so far? I have 2 names off the top of my head who I would NOT want to invite to a dinner party.
    1) Bob Costas
    2) Cling-on

  2. I'm putting cling on on my list as well!