Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We are Party Prawns, ohkeh

WORD. Jules is coming next week to finish up with the Florida move, and we have made all sorts of exciting [former] Roommate Bonding plans, including:

1) Hair appointment (Jules)
2) Dentist (me)
3) Chipotle
4) Pedicures
5) Mamma Mia
6) Ice cream (I just added that one right now. I don't think Jules will mind.)

Technically, the first two are not communal events, but we have planned them into our schedule, because we are big nerds.

(Why, yes, this IS the third post today. Is that a problem? No? Good.)


  1. OHMYGOSH OHKEH! Party Prawns? So exciting. I am honored to have been the subject of such a post. I am totally fine with 6) Ice cream, by the way. Especially if it's Cold Stone. Partly because I have a 2 for $7 coupon good for 2 love-it size create your own (ice cream + 1 mix in). Most people with whom I eat ice cream cannot finish a love it. I, of course, can finish a love it. And am thinking perhaps you would be willing to try? Ok then. I will bring the coupon. And if we need to perhaps sample Gifford's as well that's fine.

  2. SWEET. I can totally finish a love-it. Bring the coupon!