Saturday, July 12, 2008

I am now a hermit

Truly. The thought of venturing out just generally exhausts me. Last night, I had every intention of going to see Wall-E with Ed and Val, but I got home, sat down on the couch, and my body said, 'Ha. Right.' And I didn't move until bedtime. You know, because going and sitting quietly in a dark, temperature-controlled theater for two hours is so tiring.

I blame it on the fact that last weekend, while super fun (and educational! did you know that gooey butter cake comes in 60-some flavors? I did not)(oh, and productive! WE FOUND A BISON. And we weren't even looking...a watched pot, and all that right?)*, was not particularly restful--I need a vacation after that vacation--and it was preceded by a lengthy visit from Gretchen (and we all know how strenuous that was, what with all the tennis-watching).** That's 11 straight days of fun. Fun is exhausting, people. Plus all this heat and humidity just makes me TIRED.

I rationalize the hermit-ness with my lengthy, apartment-specific To Do list. Like, for instance, cleaning. I haven't done that in a while (except for the floors, but we all know how well that's going). Unpacking/pitching the two giant boxes from the move that are still sitting in my room. Under a pile of clothes that I should probably put away. Or dry clean. And I have a sizable stack of books that aren't gonna read themselves.

I also keep meaning to hang the curtains in my room. But UGH, that requires getting a CURTAIN ROD, which means I have to go BUY one. And it's so HOT. We'll save that for another day. Maybe in October sometime.

The fact that all of these things have been on the To Do list for, oh, many months does nothing to dissuade me from my fervent need to stay home To Accomplish Things. I'm making progress on the books, but that's about all.

Anyway, I am a hermit (and, apparently, really lazy). If you want to see me, come here. Otherwise, see you in September, or whenever the heat goes away.

*You didn't know that it was acceptable to use back-to-back parenthetical phrases in one sentence, did ya?
**How's THAT for a sentence? They don't call me The Editrix for nothing. (...Yeah, they call me that. At work. I am totally the next Anna Wintour.)

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