Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dear Internet, WELCOME BACK!

I have missed you. Please never leave me again.
Love, Hannah

Our internet was down at work all day yesterday, and it was AWFUL. To hear us, you would've thought the AC was broken or the toilets weren't flushing or something. There is nothing worse than sitting in front of a computer for eight hours and not having internet access. (Okay, there are actually lots of worse things. Cancer. Famine. Climbing an out-of-service Metro escalator.)

Speaking of Metro escalators, this morning was weird. There were oodles of open seats on the train. There were THREE PEOPLE going up the escalator out of Dupont South metro this morning (usually there are eleventy billion). And, weirdest of all, I ordered a tall, black iced tea (two pump sweet!) at Starbucks this morning, and it was handed to me--perfectly sweetened (which is what the two-pump stipulation is supposed to ensure, but frequently doesn't)--in less than ten seconds, no lie. And I don't think they charged me for it. AND! And. My favorite blogger, who has been MIA since December, posted this morning! It's like Christmas.

WHAT IS GOING ON? I am so confused.

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  1. That was hilarious. Mostly because I have experienced all those things at some time. I have had no internet at work and sometimes there is nothing worse, even when there is. And empty metro is good for seats and escalator maneuvering, but also makes me think of weird things like "Do they know something I don't know? Is the maintenance? Is there a transportation strike? Plot by crazies?" But I bet no one was downtown because they are all on vacation or maybe because it's too hot too move so they just stayed home. Just a guess. And since you said "It's like Christmas" I cannot resist the following: MERRY CHRISTMAS, OHKEH. IS TIME FOR BED!