Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Books, again

I am having a bit of literary A.D.D. right now, because I am in the middle of no less than FOUR books. (In addition to the two listed at left, the first of which is for Book Club, I'm still reading The Maytrees and The Secrets of a Fire King, which is actually short stories.) It is driving me batty, yet I'm far enough along in each of them that I don't want to stop reading and resume later.

Then again, I might get through them faster if I read for more than the ten minutes before I fall asleep each night. But I've been NetFlixxing SportsNight (which brings up another topic, Why Are TV Network Executives Determined to Cancel Awesome Shows?, which we will cover another time), so my evenings have been pretty booked up.

At any rate, I'm looking forward to beach time in August. I think I'll be there for four full days this year, so I should be able to power through three or four books in that time.

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