Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Adventures with Lola: Automotive Mishap (kinda)

So. Lola and I have been estranged for the last few weeks, due in large part to my reluctance to relenquish the excellent parking spot that I had in my neighborhood. (And, yes, I was out of town for a weekend.) Anyway, I went out on Saturday evening to head to CZ's birthday party over near Eastern Market and discovered (as soon as I had pulled out and someone else had jumped into my spot, of course) that Lola had a flat tire. Oh, the tragedy.

So I called AAA--who, to their eternal credit, sent someone to fix it within 45 minutes--and then proceeded to the party via cab, arriving quite late and quite sweaty, but alive nonetheless.

(TANGENT: And, by the way, I am FAMOUS. I got to CZ's house, and both of her roommates and several of her friends were like, "Oh, HANNAH, we've heard so much about you! It's so nice to finally MEET YOU." Which was kind of disconcerting, but apparently I am beloved.

TANGENT EXPLANATION: CZ was my assistant/sidekick/partner in crime at the Previous Job. I adore her, and if I could create a position for her at Current Job, I would do so immediately.)

Right. Anyway. So, on Sunday morning, Lola and I and the temporary spare "donut" tire trundled out to Montgomery Mall to get the injured tire checked out. The injured tire, of course, wasn't punctured on the tread (which is usually fixable--this I learned from the very helpful Vincente at Sears Auto Center, who, btw, used to live not far from where I live now... Anyway. Sorry, back to the story), but rather on the SIDE of the tire. Hence...new tire! There went $90 that I wasn't planning to spend.

We also got Lola's oil changed, in preparation for our impending journey to South Carolina, as well as a nice car wash on the way home.

And then, of course, I inadvertently took the Bumpiest Road Ever back into town. (Oh, so you just got the cast off your broken leg? Good thing, because you have to SCALE THAT MOUNTAIN to get home.)

So now Lola is well and has four working tires, though the clean car lasted less than 24 hours before a bird christened it.

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