Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tomorrow: spaghetti-o's!

It is possible that I had Chef Boyardee Dinosaurs and Meatballs for dinner tonight. In my Harry Potter bowl. I'm not saying I did. It just....could have happened. Theoretically.

And, theoretically, if I had had Chef Boyardee Dinosaurs and Meatballs (henceforth referred to as CBD&M) in my Harry Potter bowl, rather than, you know, real food, I would only feel a little bit guilty about it, since I did not actually spend money on them. They would have been a "gift," sort of, bestowed upon me by my beloved Jules upon her departure. (Thus! The CBD&M would have had sentimental value.)

Anyway. If I had eaten CBD&M for dinner--hypothetically, of course--I might feel a teensy bit like a five-year-old. But I can live with that. Because they probably would have been delicious.

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  1. I AM SO EXCITED TO READ THIS! And very very sad that I was not there to hypothetically enjoy the CBD&M with you. They are delicious and quite possibly one of my favorite things to eat when a) in a time crunch b) feeling sentimental c) not wanting to cook due to heat or other environmental issues. Perhaps the next time we do lunch it will be with CBS&M instead of, say, Au Bon Pain! xoxo