Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Meet me in St. Louis

(...I'm talkin' to you, Ash.)

Hot damn. It's booked! I am officially going to St. Louis for 4th of July weekend. The planets have aligned and the airline gods came to their senses, realized that $390 was an absurd price (ABSURD, I tell you!!) to pay for a ticket, and finally saw fit to show me the one website in all the universe that, suddenly, had flights for less than $200. WOO HOO. Thank you, Travelocity!

So I'm going. And I'm pumped. Also, tired and a little prone to overwrought language while blogging. So, I shall henceforth proceed even unto bed.

Next up: find reasonably priced flights to Chicago (after all, it is my kind of town) and Charleston, SC. I don't have a song reference for that one.


  1. Hot damn yourself! Go for it!


  2. Pannie! An appropriate song reference is below. I am shocked that you didn't think of this one.

    Charleston! Charleston!
    Made in Carolina.
    Some dance, some prance,
    I’ll say.
    There’s nothing finer than the Charleston,