Sunday, June 1, 2008

The best part about when your friends leave... when they come back to visit.

Truly, few things are better than reuniting with an old friend, as I was reminded three times over the course of the month. Jay came to visit. B was in town for lunch last weekend. I saw my old camp buddy Michael in NYC.

But I am so not a fan of this "goodbye" thing. I mean, really. Even when you reunite, you have to part ways again.

I'm a little Eeyore-y tonight. Jules and Miguel are moving to Florida tomorrow, and I was helping them pack all day. (I did get a bunch of groceries out of the deal. But still.)

But anyway. 'Tis June! Finally. May was a busy, busy month, full of graduations, visits from people, visits to people, farewells, lots of work, etc. I am exhausted. And I'm trying to book flights to Chicago, St. Louis, and South Carolina for the summer and everything is a bazillion dollars. Damn you, gas prices!


  1. You have so many friends. It hurts when they move away.


  2. Flash to a mental picture of me chewing on Eeyore's tail! That should cheer you up!