Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Improv Blogging*

I'm in need of a creative challenge here, so I have decided to try something. In the spirit of community (and also to see who is actually reading this thing), I'm hereby requesting suggestions for blog posts. These can be:

1) True Stories: things that you already know but think the world would benefit from hearing (Obviously I need to have been involved, otherwise I can't tell the story, duh.)
2) Random, Yet Thought-Provoking: sundry topics that you'd be interested in hearing me expound upon at length, or just seeing what I come up with
3) Curve Balls: I think this is self-explanatory
4) Other

For instance, you could suggest "cheese" ("Random, Yet [not necessarily] Thought-Provoking") and I would write a post about cheese. Or "bison hunting in Oklahoma" ("True Stories"), or God forbid, "NBA Finals" ("Curve Ball," obviously, since I don't even think I can tell you who played in the finals. The Lakers? Against...the Celtics? Ow, my brain hurts now).

Bring it on, and let's see what happens! Suggestions may be submitted via the "comments" feature or email.



  1. I think that since I am trademarked on this site I will make the first suggestion. Bison hunting in Oklahoma. Because obviously that is

    a) an important topic
    b) hilarious
    c) something you know a lot about

    I would also like to suggest watermelon. I have eaten almost an entire watermelon in the past 3 days. So you can deduce that I love it. What do you think of it?

    Also- are there limits to how many suggestions we can post in a day? week? lifetime?

  2. I think two suggestions from you is sufficient for now. :)

    Also, my grandfather emailed me his suggestion: "Please tell us who will be Obama's VP, and who will have what posts in his cabinet."

    YIKES. That will require research. But I accept his challenge.

  3. I'd like to see something about the happy songs your mother made up to entice you to consume good food. I know the words to the song about carrots (thanks to Julia) but would love to learn more. Keep up the great work; your blog writing is very good! Thanks.