Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I like cheese = Gonzaga for the win

If this Facebook conversation is any indication, my old high school pal and I have different approaches to filling out our NCAA tournament brackets.

Jonathan: Printed out RPI, SOS, Pomerory rankings. Going to make the perfect bracket!
Me: Sounds complicated. I mostly just pick based on which mascots I like best and who has the prettiest school colors.
Me: Or which school names I like (i.e. Gonzaga reminds me of gorgonzola, which is delicious cheese). Which might explain why I rarely do well in my office pool.
Jonathan: Your bracket will probably be much better than mine.

1 comment:

  1. My method was highly scientific:

    Round 1 - Pick all the top seeds, except flip 7 & 8 in each quandrant.

    Rounds 2 through final - Choose by the alphabet, except I'm backing hometown Pitt all the way to the championship.

    Direct quotes from the email string setting up the office pool:

    Me - I know nothing about basketball, so I’m happy to contribute to the pool of money someone else will win. ;-)

    Wes - You’d be surprised, the rookies usually do very well. It’s those who over-think it that end up on the bottom of the ranking!

    Phil - That’s right Wes, tell her how awesome she’ll be… tell all the rookies!!! *evil cackle* Oh wait, is this email going to everyone or just Wes? (of course, I realize that for sending this email, karma dictates that Krys will beat me in the standings. But it’s worth it.)