Wednesday, March 9, 2011


In the last couple of days, spring and summer plans are starting to develop.  Is there anything better than the anticipation of a great getaway? 

I'm have a number of exciting trips in the works, of varying lengths. Some hints:


Any guesses?


  1. Oh! I want to play.
    1) NYC
    2) Disney World (aka my backyard)
    3) Vermont? It's beautiful wherever it is
    4) Based on letter "E" exits, New Jersey Turnpike (ick)
    5) Boston- YAY DUCKS
    6) [Mo Town] Philly
    7) The beach/SC/etc

  2. Okay, I had them all except Vermont looks a lot like Lake Junaluska, which I didnt' think was in the mix.

    The rest I had . . . I just didn't respond.