Monday, January 28, 2008

Just call me Consumer Reports

Hi. So. I'm getting a cold at the WORST possible time. I discovered this when I got up this morning with mild drainage and in that delightful state where you basically need to duct tape a kleenex under your nose (TMI? sorry). So, on the way to work, I stopped at the store to stock up on Zicam and tissues and OJ and whatnot in preparation for waging war upon the advancing cold.

But then I got to my office, pulled out a tissue out of one of the two (two!) boxes that I had just purchased...on sale. Which should've been my first clue. I blew my nose and about choked. Why? Because I had purchased Puffs w/ lotion AND THE SCENT OF VICKS. Folks, these things are insane, like walking around with Vicks slathered on your chest all day. They're totally weird. They even make me feel sicker because I'm walking around in a cloud of menthol. And I'm stuck with two boxes.

Anyway, I do not recommend them. A nose in need deserves Puffs, indeed, but not Puffs with the scent of Vicks. Trust me.


  1. Pannie GET BETTER SOON! And thank you for the blogging, you are making me feel slightly less guilty about my unatural Perez Hilton addiction. I check your blog at least as often, and rarely feel like showering afterward!

  2. Seconding Ashley's comments- get better! And thanks for the tips on the Puffs w/ lotion and Vicks. I am often wary of lotion but have never seen Vicks in tissues. However, it's very Jules of you to buy a super fancy tissue without being aware that you're not actually buying your usual tissues. I think perhaps brownies would cure you?