Wednesday, January 16, 2008

How to interact with coworkers

Step 1: Discover problem.
Step 2: Participate in meeting with peers of similar standing within company.
Step 3: Decide that problem is not, in fact, a problem, but rather an Opportunity to Excel.
Step 4: Collectively decide on a reasonable solution to said Opportunity.
Step 5: Adjourn meeting.
[Step 5b: Members of affected department implement solution. All is well.]
Step 6: Immediately begin lobbying behind closed doors with peers who were in previous meeting in an attempt to change to a solution that you were too much of a weenie to pursue in previous meeting. Do not raise issue with the person whose project is the subject of said Opportunity to Excel.
Step 7: With help of peers, successfully achieve personal goal, requiring coordinator of the project to REDO IT despite significant delays to schedule, substantial costs, and the fact that the Opportunity to Excel WASN'T A BIG DEAL IN THE FIRST PLACE.
Step 8: In later conversation, tell coordinator of said project that you were responsible for the redo, as if they will UNDERSTAND and not be PISSED.

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