Thursday, January 3, 2008


Hello! I am at work. In the physical sense, but not the literal. That is, I'm WASTING TIME. (Heh. I just typed "waisting.") I have had a cold for the last few days and, consequently, have gotten virtually nothing done at work because my head is foggy. Foggy head!

Anyway, I don't know what I've been doing, really. Send work-related email. Edit three sentences of flyer. Lose twenty minutes of time doing...what???? Also, have inane G-chat conversations with the person in the next office:

B: you cant even get into the events with the really famous people anymore
and they are hella expensive
me: ...i'm sorry?
context, please?
B: south beach food & wine festival
stay with me, grove
me: ah hah
i'm sorry, i try to keep up, but i'm still in the fog today
B: :)

anyway, it's expensive and the giada events are sold out
me: ah giada
maybe you can lurk at the stage door or tent flap or whatever and pounce upon her when it's over
B: yes! pounce!
me: yes! but you might get arrested
so perhaps just politely tap her on the arm
and say "hello, miss giada? my name is B and i want to marry you and have lots of babies and italian food"
let me know how it goes

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  1. Perhaps B should refrain from the pouncing given Giada's delicate state. I'm not sure said pouncing is probably ideal for the baby she is having with her current husband Todd.