Sunday, February 3, 2008

A recap of...well, nothing, really

I have...not really anything interesting to say. Unfortunately, I often get these urges to post things when I'm up past midnight. Today, however, I have nothing creative to offer.

I will say, though, that it was a pretty good week, aside from the cold (and the Vicks tissues! which I thankfully just ran out of). I made it out of work no later than 6:30 every night, which is not only exciting for the obvious reason of, duh, not being at work late, but it also means I don't have to park a zillion blocks from my building. (In fact, last night I got total Princess Parking spot right outside, therefore I'm not moving my car until Monday.)

Also, I seem to have become BFFs with the crochety old manager of [a certain famous person/sorta my boss], which is quite a coup. He's normally very grouchy and rather terrifying, but we had two very cordial, dare I say pleasant, conversations, and he complimented me on successfully capturing the tone and cadence of the [certain famous person/sorta my boss] for whom I often ghost-write. It was rather gratifying.

I've also decided that the office move has upped my productivity, since the new "roomies" can see everything I'm doing. So I spend less time browsing or doing Sudoku or whatever. (Not that I did that before....)

The new boss starts on Monday, so that should be good, fingers crossed. It's been nice not having anyone to answer to, but I'm ready for a little more structure.

...Like I said, not much of interest.

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