Saturday, December 15, 2007

Why yes, I'd love a piece of garlic chive...

...thank you for asking.

Yay for weekends. The Worst! Week! Ever! is finally over, a fact celebrated this evening by a holiday cocktail party at B's house. As B and his roomies could not have anticipated that this would be the Worst! Week! Ever!, it was really just a happy coincidence. (Or maybe it was the Best! Week! Ever! for them. Who knows, really. I digress.)

Anyway, this week was quite trying, for reasons that shall be discussed at a later date (one of which led my boss to inform me that I have every right to be bitter for the indefinite future...but again, I digress). But tonight's soiree offered the perfect antidote to the hellish week, notably in the form of champagne, copious crudites, and star-shaped brownies. And, of course, sparkling conversation and witty banter. A good time was had by all (except perhaps B, who is under the weather and left his own party to go to bed early...alas).

I also discovered a remarkable new (to me) thing:

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you....garlic chive buds. I find them fascinating, I don't know why. They remind me vaguely of hay stalks, but are much more visually appealing. They taste rather like onion, as chives do, and I'm pretty sure that someone took a picture of me chewing on one like a farmer. Anyway, they're cool.

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