Sunday, December 9, 2007

Team Scrabble: An Exercise

Playing Scrabble in teams is not easy. You don't want to reveal your strategy contemplating a turn: "Ooh, we can play 'UARTET' off that Q and we'll get a triple word score!" Doesn't work. So you're reduced to grunts and vague pointing. As demonstrated by this exchange at 11:30 on Saturday night.

Bailey: If we had a hm, we could do this.... [arranges tiles]
Hannah: Ah, nice. Although we'd get more points if we played off that last letter and did this...
[rearranges tiles]
Bailey: Which last letter?
Hannah: The hm right there
[points vaguely].
I don't see--
Hannah: That one.
Bailey: Yes, yes, OR we could do hm hm hm.... like this. OR
hm... [rearranges tiles] hm.
Hannah: That's a proper noun.
Bailey: Dammit!
Hannah: How about...[moves tiles]
Bailey: Nice!
[Hannah and Bailey wait for their turn.]
Bailey: Oh wait, doesn't that word have two of these [points to letter]?
Hannah: Oh. Yes.
Bailey: Oh, wait, wait, I got it...[plays tiles]
Hannah: Well played!
Ed: [reads word] "JAGUAR."
Hannah: The animal, not the car, therefore not a proper noun.
Ed: Aren't they both?
Hannah: Animals aren't proper nouns.
Bailey: Jaguar, ROWrrrr! [makes clawing motion]

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