Monday, December 3, 2007

To blog or not to blog

I've been debating about this blogging thing for a while. When I first floated the idea to Gretchen, I received the Eyebrow of Sisterly Derision and a less-than-enthusiastic response: "...really? Isn't that, like, for people in their 30s?"

So much for that.

In subsequent months, I formed a theory: Gretchen is not of the blogging generation and, as such, is not my target audience for the "should I have a blog" poll. The facts are these:
1) Many bloggers seem to be around 30. (NOT ALL. This is a generalization based on the handful of blogs I read regularly.)
2) I am in my mid-20s. To me, 30 is not so far away.
3) Gretchen is 21. Mid-20s is not far away, but 30 is basically a decade. (A decade is a long time. A decade ago, I couldn't drive yet.)

A couple of nights ago, after one vodka-cranberry and a conversation with J and Heather, it seemed like a much better idea. And here we are.

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