Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Not unagi, really, but still weird

On the way out of work today, I passed a girl whose blog I read on a regular basis. (I know what she looks like because she posts photos and vlogs.) It's not entirely unexpected--she does live here, after all, and I think her office is also in the Farragut North region--but still rather a coincidence.

I thought about saying hi, but decided that might be creepy.

But really, though, what are the odds? Of the half-a-million or so people who live in DC, plus who knows how many who commute in, I run into one random girl who I only know from her blog. Yet this kind of thing seems to happen frequently: Ed and Val seeing B in Greenwich Village not a week after meeting him for the first time; my grandparents bumping into my junior high church confirmation sponsor at St. Paul's in London; me being chased down by Jessica from high school on the streets of Florence, Italy. Or running into a former fellow band member (Go Toppers!) while working an opera at the KC one evening. The world really is quite small. But I digress...

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