Friday, May 23, 2008

(Did she really just write a whole post on book shopping?)

I left for work this morning with zero books. I returned home with FIVE. I am extremely excited about this.

Number of books departed home with: 0
Number of books arrived home with: 5
Number of bookstores visited: 2
Number of books purchased at full price: 2
Number of books purchased at less than $6: 3
Number of books purchased at less than $6 that came out of the bargain bin: 2
Amount on the pricetags of those two books: $3.99 each (a bargain! and they were actually 50% off the marked price, so...)
Number of books purchased for $1.98 each: 2

Um, yes, I did purchase five books today, and two of them were $1.98. And not crappy books at $1.98, but actual, potential-to-be-good books. (And, hello, if they're not? I only paid $1.98. Win-win situation!) Word. (HA! I made a pun. Books...words....okay.)

Despite my serendipitous bargain finds, I do think it's a little bit of a sickness, my book obsession. I left home this morning planning to stop at Kramerbooks on the way home from work, because I have a gift card and I needed to get the next book for book club. But then there was nobody at work today (okay, actually, me and my boss and the IT guy were there; the office was technically closed, but I'm going to be out for two days next week, plus Memorial Day, so I came in anyway)....where was I? Right, it was dull as tombs at work, and my boss was out for lunch. So I went for a walk and to get lunch, and my walk happened to take me by Borders. Where I went in, just for kicks. And discovered the bargain bin, where I thought, hm, you never know (because I have gotten great stuff in bargain bins before, like overstocks of random classics). So I looked, and I found three things! Including a (hardback!) copy of an Anne Lamott that I haven't read (though Gretchen and Mom have, and they love it). I don't know why they're marking Anne Lamott down to $5.99, but I'll take it.

And then after work I went to Kramerbooks anyway and got my book club book and another book of essays called I Was Told There'd Be Cake. I can totally get behind that sentiment. With me, it's usually cookies, but whatever.

Anyway. This is dangerously close to a "what I did today" post, which I've generally tried to avoid. (I got up. I didn't eat breakfast, because I was out of blueberries. I briefly considered having ice cream, but didn't. I took a shower, got dressed...and then went to work and got five! new! books! And now I'm telling you about it. The End.) I'm going to spend the next two days attempting to spend zero dollars in preparation for my trip to New York next week. (Woot! I am pumped.) But I have five new books and two NetFlix (NetFlixes? Netflixx?) and half a tub of neapolitan ice cream. Also, blueberries. And apricots. So I'm set.


  1. I feel I am partly to blame for this book buying spree because I had lunch plans. Had I NOT had lunch plans you would have met me for lunch and not spent dollars on books. :) But I am glad for your good luck. I hope you can read one or two of them on your NY journey!

  2. Hooray! Somebody else who gets excited about books :-) I was just in Borders yesterday and bought 4 books (don't tell Julia) and it made me very happy. Go Hannie!