Saturday, April 26, 2008

Speak for yourself

(or don't, if Karen and Ed have anything to do with it.) Karen is in town (YAY) and the three of us went out. Hilarity ensued, as per usual, and we learned several things:

1) I am either oblivious (possible) or Ed is full of baloney (also possible) with regard to...steak.
2) Discussion of marriage (any marriage, not just hers) makes Karen hyperventilate
3) I am apparently not allowed to order my own food:

[Background: I had just had practically entire pitcher of mojitos 20 minutes prior and
I...was not in need of more.]

Karen: I'll have a Blue Moon...
Me: I'll have water--
Ed: I'll have a gin-and-tonic, and she'll have a mojito.
Me: No, I'll have water--
Ed: She'll have a mojito.
Waitress: We don't have mojitos.
Me: It's okay, I just want water.
Karen: Anything with rum is fine.
Waitress: Rum and coke?
Me: I JUST WANT WATER. IGNORE THEM, please. I will have WATER.
And then the same thing happened when I tried to order my chicken fingers.
(Waitress: You guys are hilarious. It's like a sitcom over here.)

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