Thursday, April 17, 2008

Like a good neighbor

I pride myself on my ability to recognize voiceover talent on commercials. It's weird, yes, but I get unnaturally excited when I identify someone (among them Stockard Channing for AIG, Julia Roberts for some company that I can no longer remember, and--my biggest achievement, which required careful concentration over multiple evenings of TV watching--John Corbett for Applebee's). During The Office this evening, I realized that one Patrick Dempsey is now the voice of my insurance company. Well played, State Farm. McDreamy can be my good neighbor anytime.

Tangent: I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I kinda want to see his new movie, Made of Honor. It looks both awesome and really bad, but I have pretty low standards when it comes to chick flicks, so I think I can take it.

UPDATE (9:58 PM): WHAT ARE THE ODDS?! I typed this post and then, 20 minutes later, saw an Applebee's commercial with John Corbett narrating! And I hadn't seen it in weeks! That thar is unagi.

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