Monday, June 18, 2012

My kind of town

I got back late last night after a late flight from O'Hare, on which my seatmate was a lovely girl who happened to be reading the exact same book I am (A Clash of Kings, for those who are wondering). She also happened to be a nervous flyer, a fact that she mentioned as we watched assorted emergency vehicles assembling on the tarmac as our plane taxied out for takeoff. (Apparently there was a problem with an incoming flight, though I'm assuming it ended okay, as I've seen no headlines about distressed planes today.) She understated it just a hair ("I don't like flying much."), though, because about 20 minutes into the flight, as I was settling into a light doze amid some very slight turbulence, I felt a hand grab my arm. The poor girl was clearly freaking out. So I spent the entire flight making conversation, talking her off the ledge ("Well, the flight attendants are serving drinks. They wouldn't be doing that if the plane was in trouble."), and generally distracting her. 

I got home at 1am. So much for sleeping on the plane.

Anyway, I was on my way home from a weekend in Iowa for my friend Annie's wedding. Several friends and I had flown into Chicago, spent some time there, and road-tripped to Iowa City for the weekend.  

It was my first trip to the Windy City, and despite only spending 20 hours there (six of them asleep), it was a great little trip, complete with amazing food, a boat ride, and a hilarious show at The Second City.

Lunch at Rick Bayless's XOCO

Navy Pier

Architectural tour by boat

City of movable bridges
The Civic Opera Building (home of the
Lyric Opera of Chicago) is GINORMOUS.
Love the old-fashioned marquee!

Horizontal and vertical
The most amazing deep dish pizza at Pizano's

Note: The first three photos were taken by my pal Heather on her iPhone. Love the effects!

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