Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A comprehensive list of items in the top drawer of my desk


Clockwise-ish from top left:

Teas (assorted): Bentley's, Celestial Seasonings, Bigelow, Throat Coat. What's your poison? I've probably got it here. Also some sort of gourmet chocolate tea, which Ashley sent home with me from Saint Louis last fall and which am guarding like it's the damn Ring of Endor.....Is that a thing? From Lord of the Rings? Or, wait, is it Mordor? Eh, whatever. I haven't read the books.

Apple cider vinegar (one bottle): from the time I was having killer acid reflux and read somewhere to dilute it in water and drink it (PSA, if you're thinking of trying it: it didn't really help, and it tasted pretty unpleasant.)

Zicam Chewables (one box, minus one chewable), which I bought last year when I had a cold, popped one into my mouth, spit it out in horror, and have not touched since, despite the fact that they were like $12 or some absurd cost

Lindt Lindor Truffles (1 bag) with only the white chocolate ones (which I dislike) remaining

Ritz crackers (1/3 sleeve), stale and mostly crushed 

Potato chips, classic (two bags)

Danish butter cookies (large tin): obviously I need to eat something with all that tea

Blue tissue paper (one package) and white ribbon (remnants of one spool): What, don't you keep your gift wrapping supplies near your vinegar?

Trail mix (one bag, half eaten)

Cheez-It Snack Mix 100 Calorie Right-Bites (one bag), stolen from a board meeting yesterday

Welch's Berries n' Cherries fruit snacks, with exactly two fruit snacks remaining in bag

* * * * * 
Not visible in photo:

Gladware with one stale cookie, sent home with me by my grandmother after a visit sometime in 2010 (it wasn't stale at the time, of course)

Apple juice (one bottle)

CD, Bach's B Minor Mass

Memoir titled Safe Passage

Coupons for Subway, expired

Seven pieces of Dolle's Taffy from Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, which the president of our company brings back from vacation every year for the staff and I only take out of politeness, even though I can't stand taffy


  1. This reminded me so much of you Pannie! And then I thought I should post something like that but my desk drawer is - um - boring.

    When are you going to post a comprehensive list of items in your FRIDGE?!

  2. I can do that one by memory!
    1) Assorted produce (blueberries, corn, arugula, zucchini, etc)
    2) Milk
    3) Juice
    4) Brita pitcher
    5) Condiments, assorted
    6) Eggs
    7) Chicken
    8) Egg salad (this weeks's lunches)
    9) Mostly empty Greek yogurt containers, three
    10) Unknown items in Tupperware, formerly edible, now probably moldy

  3. It's your Monica's closet! Jules sounds like you need to start cleaning her fridge AND desk on your visits.

  4. But....I have a Monica's closet, too. Oh dear.