Sunday, January 23, 2011

Things that happened this weekend

I did my taxes.

I read the entirety of the first Hunger Games book, which was seriously excellent.

The Steelers won the AFC Championship and are going to the Super Bowl, HELL YEAH, leading to a flurry of text messages amongst the family and a discussion with my 18-year-old cousin about the extreme attractiveness of coach Mike Tomlin.
My sister got engaged!  That actually happened Friday night, but I wasn't allowed to talk about it. But it's Facebook-official now, so word is out.  No date is set yet, but--combined with the other two weddings already on my calendar--it's gearing up to be The Year of the Wedding: Redux. Stay tuned!


  1. Big weekend! I hope you've got a nice fat tax refund on the way. As a Pittsburgh native, I'm right there with you on the black-and-yellow boys. And best of all, that's exciting new about your sister. Yay!

  2. It's safe to say that Mike Tomlin is the only thing I like about the Steelers! That said.... GO PACKERS! Sorry Pannie. We agree to disagree every Sunday from September til the Super Bowl. This is one of those times.