Thursday, August 13, 2009


So… the Month of Everything caught up with me. I was busy, yo. But now it’s August (the MIDDLE of August, sheesh), so I no longer have an excuse for not posting.

Since my last substantive post, I have done many things:
  • The Month of Everything, Weekend #3 in Ohio, which included two lovely wedding showers for Jules. Many gifts were opened, and Marissa (Miguel’s sister and a fellow bridesmaid) and I proved quite proficient at fashioning bridal bouquets out of ribbons and bows. I also met many, many of Jules’ family members, ate several hot dogs, and saw the newest Harry Potter movie. ‘Twas fun. (During the course of the weekend, I also received assorted text messages from the boys, who were in Nashville for Ed’s bachelor party festivities. Apparently, I am the resident expert on all things southern and Tennesseean.)
  • Hosted book club (our one-year anniversary!) at my place. This month’s book was Julia Child’s memoir, My Life in France. I prepared her own potato-leek soup recipe for the occasion—admittedly an odd choice for mid-July, but it was one of the few recipes I could find online that didn’t involve de-boning a duck or marinating something for three days. So soup it was, and it turned out rather well, though it seemed a little too easy.
  • The Month of Everything, Weekends #4 and #5: G and I drove a million and six hours to and from the beach. During the intervening week, I sat on my rear (in various locations: rocking chair, hammock, porch swing, in beach chair under an umbrella) whilst consuming quantities of lemonade and reading four and a half books.
  • Had jury duty for exactly five hours (and was not picked).
  • With Jules and the other attendants, resolved the Great Bridesmaids’ Dress Debacle of ’09, and subsequently returned all the extra dresses that I had acquired (to the great relief of both me and my credit card)
  • Fell off the wagon at Ann Taylor Loft again, though it had been a long time since the last time, nor did I fall too badly this time. I only bought two dresses (both work-appropriate!), and I got 30% off.
  • Saw my old pal Liz, who is back! from! Germany! after a year.
  • Discovered a new eatery—THE WEST WING CAFÉ, how awesome does that sound?!—a block from my office. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m super excited. Wonder if they have Fresca.
  • Developed middle-of-the-night insomnia, but only every third night or so. I have yet to determine what is causing it.
  • That’s it, I think.
  • Oh no, wait. HA. There was also that other little thing, where I got promoted. Minor detail, that one. It was a killer, too, because I found out the day after I got back from Ohio, but I couldn’t tell anyone for THREE WEEKS. Amazingly, I managed it. So I got a big, awesome, exciting promotion, and More Monies, and a title that has the word “director” in it. I mean, okay, yes, there’s a word in front of “director,” but it’s still very exciting.
It was also part of the impetus for my wagon-falling at ATL—‘twas a reward to myself! Okay, not really. But that was how I justified it. The real reward, once I actually see the More Monies, will be a new tv. When I got promoted at the Old Job, I bought myself an iPod. Apparently I like electronics.

Okay, so. Now it’s August, which means weddings are NEXT MONTH. Yikes. It’s actually a little ridiculous how much time I spend thinking about weddings, considering none of them are mine. The following, for instance, is part of my rather epic to-do list for the coming weekend and week:
  • Take bridesmaid’s dress to tailor (J&M wedding)
  • Finish ceremony program (J&M wedding)
  • Print and stamp programs (J&M wedding)
  • Obtain gifts (J&M, E&V)
  • Get shoes (J&M)
  • Pack for [REDACTED!!] next weekend. Can’t discuss! Secret!
  • …other stuff that I can’t talk about…
  • Serve as photographer for E&V, who need more engagement pictures taken for some project.
And then there’s all the non-wedding stuff, like a haircut, a desperately-needed Target run, and laundry. As of Saturday, I’m out of clean underwear.

And then next week is my birthday (woo!) and the aforementioned [REDACTED!!] event.

And then one week later, it’s September, holy pete. Where did summer go?


  1. Very nice on the West Wing Fresca reference.

    Well done.

    Go on a Tuesday the you can wear your "regular Tuesday suit."

  2. Holy Pete indeed.

    Suggestion #1 step away from ATL, save the monies for some underwears!

    Suggestion #2 buy your shoes already...sandles are on sale miss, and seriously I already bought mine, so you know it's bad when the delinquent bmaid has completed a task before you!

  3. I second this comment "you know it's bad when the delinquent bmaid has completed a task before you!" What's even worse is Al has bought hers, too! The fact that both Ash and Al have shoes before you really really frightens me.
    BUT! I love that you posted something again so I won't complain too much