Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Things That Happened Yesterday

~ Homeless man complemented my "Mary J. Blige shades"

~Thought I might be dying.**  A little. Maybe.  Probably not. 

~Against better judgement, visited WebMD.  Convinced myself I was actually dying.  

~Took COO's car*** and went to urgent care facility in the middle of the afternoon.  

~Inadvertently left book at home.  Consequently, achieved level 20 on Brick Breaker on my BlackBerry while sitting in the doctor's office.

~Got an EKG (breaking news: my heart works!), a diagnosis of bronchospasms, and an inhaler.  (Now feel like a six-year-old again.) 

~Saw a dude on the Metro with a tuba.  No instrument case, just a guy with a tuba.

~Bought a pineapple.

**Gross exaggeration.  
***Borrowed (not hot-wired, obviously).  She offered it, probably because she didn't want me dying on the clock.


  1. Holy Pete I had three EKGs last weekend. Do you think our hearts are in cahoots? Could it possibly be a sign that we both need less stress in our lives and more big shiny boats that sail us to wonderful ports of call?

  2. Y'all need to stay away from me. I do not need to be worrying about EKGs while we move in 2 weeks.