Friday, April 16, 2010

Smurfs, Ugly Betty, and the NEA

I had sort of hoped that if I put those three things in a title together, some sort of theme would come to me.  It didn't.  Consequently, this post is kind of all over the place.  As, by the way, am I.

So. Life is proceeding, now that I have a chance to experience the world outside my office again. Various things are going on here. I dug my desk out from underneath All The Piles of Paper, which was refreshing. Glee returned. The Capitals lost their first playoff game. I'm reading Game Change, about the 2008 election, and it is seriously excellent. I'm not normally much of a non-fiction reader, but I highly recommend it.

Hm, what else. My apartment is starting to look like I live with a Smurf, because there's blue fuzz everywhere from the towels I recently bought at IKEA. They are wonderfully soft and fluffy, but I swear it looks like I'm molting.  Washing them hasn't helped.  The problem is compounded by the fact that my dust buster is, ahem, busted (or it needs to be of the two), so the fuzz is accumulating.  

Huh. This isn't very interesting. Instead, how about a list? I like lists. We'll call it "Things That Are Currently Thrilling The Pants Off Me." Without further ado: 

Things That Are Currently Thrilling the Pants Off Me

She &Him, "Volume 2." And everything they contributed to the (500) Days of Summer soundtrack. Actually, the entire (500) Days of Summer soundtrack....Okay, FINE, if we're being honest here, I have a girl crush on Zooey Deschanel. I confess. 

Vaughan-Williams' "The Lark Ascending," specifically as performed by Hilary Hahn 

Neil Patrick Harris on Glee. This hasn't actually happened yet, but the anticipation is nearly as good as the event. 

These cookies from IKEA. HOLY PETE, I cannot get enough of them. 

My new(ish) yellow bag. J'adore, ya'll. 

Real Simple 

Lady Gaga, unless I have to look at her, which weirds me out. But the "Recently Played" playlist on my iPod doesn't lie.  Girlfriend's got pipes, yo.

Google Reader. Yeah, I know this is not new. It's not new to me either. But to say it revolutionized my life (or the 80-odd times per day when I click over to see what new posts have appeared) would be an understatement. 

My ATL cords, which I should've bought in lighter colors so I could wear them into spring. Live and learn. 

The Ugly Betty series finale. I stopped watching the show about two seasons ago, but I tuned in for the finale. My reactions were twofold: 1) Betty and Daniel? Really? Huh....Okay, maybe. 2) It's time for me to move back to London. 

Rosemary & Olive Oil Triscuits 

That Capital One commercial with the vacationing vikings and the goat on skis. Cracks me up every time. I mean, a goat on skis?! That shit is funny. 

New red shoes 

Things That Have Me Worked Into a Lather, and Not In a Good Way 
(or, Hold On While I Get My Soapbox...) 
Arts Advocacy Day was on Tuesday, and my coworker Scott saw this video and forwarded it around the office. A Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute called for zero funding for the arts, stating that all public funding for the arts should come literally from the public in the form of ticket sales or private donations. He called the National Endowment for the Arts a government-run “racket” that “extorts” money from taxpayers to give to “politically well-connected artists.” (After I calmed down, I asked Scott if he really expected any less from Fox News, and what the hell were you doing watching that anyway?!) 

Anyway. What a tool.


  1. I stopped watch Ugly Betty about half way through last season. I think it had just run its course. Is it even worth going back to catch the finale on streaming video?

  2. I stopped watching even before that, when it really went off the rails, but I heard it really returned to form this season. I just wanted to see how they wrapped things up, and I approved. So if you have a free hour, give it a go!