Monday, December 8, 2008


I have a problem with follow-through.

This is nothing new. When we were kids, G and I and three other kids in our neighborhood started a neighborhood newspaper. We never actually wrote or published anything, but we spent a great deal of time arranging our "office" in Jenna's playhouse.

In fifth grade, three of my friends and I started a babysitters' club. We had several sugar-fueled meetings. Never did any babysitting, though (not as part of the club, anyway).

Anyway. Remember the Great Purge O'Crap of 2008? Yeah, me too.


And remember how I mentioned the two untouched boxes covered in clothes? I cleaned them off. But then....

Thirty dozen eggs makes a lot of omlettes., uh, reaccumulated. I would also like to point out that there are six pairs of shoes in that photo--my boots, black mary jane heels, black peep toes, black flats (can you tell I wear a lot of black?), running shoes, and my beloved Pumas--and that in the last two weeks, I have worn them all. Which tells you something about the variety of temperatures I've recently experienced (60 degrees on Thanksgiving in Georgia... 24 degrees in D.C. last night. If it weren't for the week in between, I'd have meteorological whiplash).

My progress since then has been nonexistent minimal. I have gone through exactly two boxes of clothing. That was two weeks ago. I need to get on the stick.


  1. Hannie...commit and PURGE!

    Oh geez I crack myself up it's like commit and merge only not.


  2. Question: Did you enjoy The Kite Runner? Let me know what you think of your current read, ok? I love them both and we could have a remote book club or something. Also, checking on the cleaning project. I agree w/ Ash- commit and PURGE. love it