Thursday, November 20, 2008

Great Purge O'Crap of '08: An Introduction

I was sitting on my bed the other night, looking around and thinking "Dude. What is all this junk?" And thus, I am on a mission to declutter my apartment. The goal is January 1. Progress reports to follow.

Integral to this effort is a much-needed clothing purge, because the answer to "Dude. What is all this junk?" is: piles of clothes. Thus, I pledge to make a generous contribution to Goodwill in the next month or so.

Under the clothes pile in the corner of my room are two large boxes that have been there, no lie, since the day I moved in and plopped them (or, more likely, Nick or my dad plopped them) on the floor. Thirteen months ago. One of them has been moving from apartment to apartment with me--unopened--since I lived in the dorms at AU. AND ONE OF THEM IS EMPTY, save for a pair of shoes. This, friends, is what we call laziness, and it cannot--nay, must not--continue!

And so! To add to the fun (by which I mean fun for me, obviously, since you, gentle readers, are not here to help with the Great Purge O'Crap of '08) is that I shall periodically post pictures of the fun things I find. And I can do this now because I! have! a camera! It will be glorious! And also possibly rather mortifying.


  1. You are welcome to continue the fun when you come home for Christmas.

  2. Pannie! If I was in DC I would totally be over in 2 seconds to help with the purge. I love purging. Call if you need inspiration to toss :)

    Also- please tell me what's in the AU box. I believe I was there the day it was packed (and thus the last time its contents saw daylight)