Saturday, July 24, 2010

How I spent my summer vacation

Home sweet beach house
View from the porch

Sun, sand, somethin' to read

Stormy weather
Pity the fool who tries to breach those defenses.  (We did not build this.)
Cousin Caroline came down for the day from Charleston.

No caption needed


  1. I love a South Carolina beach! What was the finaly book tally? I think that should have been included in the post

  2. Looks like an awesome vacation! The lovely photos convey such a relaxed beach vibe.

    Might just kick my butt into gear to get something planned before summer passes me by!

  3. That looks like a great holiday. Sun, sand and books to read = heaven.

    (Random fact: I noticed you're reading a Jeffrey Archer novel - he went to my school. He even came and gave a talk at Speech Day before the, ahem, difficulties he ran into with the law. Although I don't think he's especially proud of his alma mater; he lied in interviews about what school he attended, claiming it was the more exclusive Wellington College rather than the stuck in the middle of nowhere Wellington School. The same school also bred eccentric chef Keith Floyd. I'm not sure either of these alumni are a good advert for the place.)

  4. Very interesting, Helen! He's definitely an unusual guy, from the little I know about him.

    And Jules, the final tally was...four. But two full days were eaten up by other things--painting pottery, Caroline's visit, etc--so I basically averaged one book a day.