Wednesday, June 2, 2010


It's a rare occasion when I miss Glee in its regularly-aired time slot, and not only because it's my #1 Appointment Television program (how else will I have my Glee quote-of-the-week ready for Facebook the next day? People depend on me!).  No, the problem is that once I've missed it, I can barely accomplish anything the next day until I've seen it.  Plus, I have to institute a personal media blackout in the intervening hours so as not to spoil any key twists or plot points.  (Imagine having glimpsed Brittany's hilarious lobster headpiece before seeing it in action on the Gaga episode.  Inconceivable!)  And then I count down the hours until lunch, when I can hunker down in my office and get my fix on Hulu.

All this is to say that I missed Glee last night because I was at the opera (Hamlet, by Ambroise Thomas), which reminds me that I still need to write about Opera Ball, which was the weekend before last at the Russian Embassy.  And holy vodka and caviar, Batmansky!  It was ah-mazing.

So anyway....more to come!  Probably next week when I've returned from Pittsburgh and cousin C's graduation.

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