Sunday, May 23, 2010


These are next on my to-read list.  I am slightly freaked out by their sheer size, especially the top one. Neither qualifies as light reading.(Ha! Ha! See what i did there?)


  1. The good news is, if a 5-inch bug gets in the apartment in the near future you will be able to squish it with one of those! I suggest some BSC to break up these phonebook wannabes.

  2. I can definitely recommend A Suitable Boy - not a book that is read easily lying down in bed, but it's worth the back ache you get from lugging it around. The sequel's coming out later this year too.

  3. As books go, the bigger the better for me. I'm not really a fast payoff type of girl. I'd rather get stuck in and really LIVE with the characters for a while.