Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Recap: The Month of Everything, Weekend #1

So Daniel was here over the weekend, and we had a big ole time. He and Dad did practically everything there was to do in DC on Thursday while I was working (Washington Monument; Lincoln, FDR, Vietnam, Korean, and Jefferson Memorials; Spy Museum; White House; Capitol and Supreme Court—ALL IN ONE DAY), so I was a little worried that there wouldn’t be anything left for us to do after Dad. But we made do:

Friday (before Dad left): National Cathedral, including the Bishop’s Garden, a trip up into the tower, and an exhibit about the building of the cathedral); Udvar-Hazy Air & Space Museum, where I discovered that Dad’s random knowledge of things that move extends beyond cars to airplanes; Nationals-Braves game, where Daniel experienced a Chili Half-Smoke All the Way, With Cheese from the iconic Ben’s Chili bowl

Saturday: Lunch at Five Guys, where Daniel got approximately 13 toppings on his burger;The Proposal (definitely NOT the movie I expected to see with my 15-year-old male cousin); Mall/Lincoln Memorial (second time for Daniel); fireworks viewing from the Iwo Jima memorial in Arlington, including snacks, gin rummy, and a medley of patriotic songs, sung by Ed

Sunday: Arlington National Cemetary, where I had never been and of which we covered practically every square foot; extended debate about the “most popular” bands of our age (U2 vs. Guns and Roses)—I think the answer is obvious, but D, in his infinite 15-year-old wisdom, disagrees) during the drive to meet Aunt B for dinner

Anyway, it was fun. I was tired (and sore), but we had a good time.

Up next: wedding weekend in Georgia!

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  1. This sounds lovely and I wish I lived close by. I, too, sang patriotic songs during our fireworks show. If Ed and I were both watching at the same place I'm pretty sure we could charge admission!