Thursday, June 25, 2009

What's Goin' On

Not much is happening here in our fair nation's capital, aside from humidity and horrific Metro crashes and, as of last week, CONSTANT RAIN. The Month of Nothing is puttering to a close, and The Month of Everything looms, menacingly, just a few short days from now. I spend my time alternately contemplating my wardrobe for the wedding weekend in Georgia (which involves three separate dress-wearing occasions) and being daunted by the (albeit premature) exhaustion of it all and taking to my couch with a bowl of blueberries and some ginger ale.

Recent weeks have included the following activities:

Tubing on the Shenandoah near Harpers Ferry, WV, an activity that I consciously did not mention to my aquaphobic mother because of her apparent belief that I would sink like a stone if I fall into a body of water, which I discovered during a discussion about G and Ryan's kayaking excursion.

Mom: "You don't know how to swim."
me: "What are you talking about?"
Mom: "If you fell into the river, would you be able to get to the shore?"
me: "Yes!"
Mom: "I mean more than just treading water."
me: "Yes!"
Mom: "Like, you can swim laps?"
me: "YES!"

Opera Ball (my fifth!), this year at the German ambassador's residence. Super fun, as always, and hopefully no one noticed that I was wearing the same dress that I wore for the past, uh, two years.

Hours spent arranging and rearranging my NetFlix queue. I found out that Season 2 of Everwood just came out. My world was rocked. The entire paradigm of my summer TV-on-DVD-watching schedule shifted.

Experimenting with yogurt/topping combinations YogiBerry. For months, I thought that the new shop in my neigborhood was a yoga supply store. It's not. It's a frozen yogurt place. Which is obviously far more exciting. I have learned that a) marshmallows are surprisingly unsatisfying as a topping, and b) when ordering raspberries, you only get about five, which yields an undesirable yogurt-to-topping ratio. (Val, our resident YogiBerry Expert: "You have to mush them up and swirl them around." Me: "But who wants to do that?") So far, chocolate with chocolate chips and walnuts is the winner. I will keep you posted on developments.

Getting jury duty. Because it's not like I have anything else going on July. I'm trying to muster some sense of civic pride, or something, but so far I've been unsuccessful.

That's pretty much it. But July starts in six days, and I will undoubtedly have much to report, between the road trips and the baseball and the weddings and everything. Stay tuned!

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  1. If you need help with dresses (for wedding soon or any other July events), you could go the NBB route and post a few and have us vote! Do it! I want to participate!