Friday, June 26, 2009

Heard... I ran into spacing issues while laying out on the program for Jules and Miguel's wedding

Jules: good thing Hannah Grove-DeJarnett-Vandenhogenbonden isn't reading


  1. I typed his name wrong during our g-chat- it's van den Hoogenband, if you want to fix. Then again, I suppose it's funnier the first way :)

  2. Definitely funnier the wrong way!

  3. Was MY name the spacing issue? I can imagine it may have been. I like to think of my name as on onomatopoeia for a German sneezing.

    Schuster Kempf...

    God bless you...

  4. HAHAHA that is great. The readings and their various verses were the issue, actually. Good thing Pannie is a whiz! Schuster Kempf fits splendidly.