Thursday, December 1, 2011

So this happened...

My sister got married, ya'll.

It was awesome and beautiful and fun. The weather was perfect.

West Virginia State Capitol Building

There were tears:

And laughter. Sometimes simultaneously.

Bridesmaids at the rehearsal, crying before anything even happened
Mom did the flowers:

Three generations, dethorning roses

I fixed G's hair about 47 times, most of which are documented:

And her dress.  But that's what a maid-of-honor is for, of course.

There was glorious music. A bridesmaids' luncheon given by a loving aunt and two favorite cousins.  An impromptu hotel-room cupcakes-and-champagne party after the rehearsal dinner.  Friends, family, tiny flower girls trying to figure out the macarena.

Funfetti cake.  Actually, LOTS of cakes.

Also, bubbles.

It was perfect.  And at the end of the day....I had a brother!

Photos by me, K. Howard, J. Chancey, B. Frankenberry, D&G Lowther....and possibly other people

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