Thursday, September 15, 2011

Recently, on Twitter (part deux)

When I haven't been here, I've been over on the Twitter. Turns out, my feed is basically a very brief recap of my summer.  

Lengthy dinner with my sister makes me wish she lived here so we could do this regularly.

Sadness is realizing you've run out of cheese.

Just experienced my Annual @KenCen Honors Announcement YouTube Black Hole, wherein I watch clips from years past & lose all track of time.

If I was the poor schmuck who had to play Roger Federer starting at MIDNIGHT, I'd just forfeit before the match even started. #USOpen

Engaged in standoff w giant cicada. Staring at crack under bedroom door, boot in hand. Bug is on other side of door. Could take a while.

I'm mildly horrified by the number of hours I've spent watching tennis in the past two days. #USOpen
[Ed. Note: TWENTY-ONE HOURS of tennis over the course of Labor Day weekend. I'm not proud of it.]

Aaand we just had an earthquake...I think.
[Ed. Note: We had. Perhaps you heard? It was a bit of A Thing on the east coast.]

I am having a religious experience with this cannoli. #Boston #MikesPastries

Brunch on VT farm, small-town coffee shop, road trip, dinner in Boston, Friends with Benefits, strawberries, catching up w/Jay, bed.

Do you use the word "buzzkill" when talking to your doctor? No? Just me?

OF COURSE I get the hot young senior resident the day I'm wearing old underwear. And of course I have to put on an exam gown. #bummer

Swimming world championships on tv! Where is my boyfriend Aaron Peirsol?
[Ed. Note: RETIRED!  He has retired. What is the point of the Summer Olympics if I don't have Aaron Peirsol to ogle cheer on?]

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