Monday, September 13, 2010


Did any of you read the old design/lifestyle magazine Blueprint? Or, when it (sadly) went out of print, Domino? Which then folded itself, after only a year or so? Well, I did, and I adooored them. I don't think I looked forward to any other magazine before or since the way I anticipated those. I saved all of them and still pull them off the shelf occasionally --where they are lovingly filed in a magazine box covered carefully with decorative paper (the editors would be so proud!)--when I need inspiration.

But today, this momentous day of days, I found something. that made my heart leap with glee (or "leep," as I first typed it in a delirious fervor of joy):

It's NEW. It's a PRINT publication. (I love my blogs, but there's just something about that glossy paper....) It looks SO MUCH like it's in the vein of Blueprint and Domino. I could not be more excited. And, yes, it's quarterly and kind of unbelievably expensive for a magazine, but I don't care! I am subscribing straightaway, forthwith, immediately! Or whatever.


  1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I kind of want to subscribe. It will be in vain until we move out of student housing, but a girl can dream...