Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gotta cut loose, footloose

In my first life (or, well, until I turned ten), I was a dancer. Not a particularly good one, mind you, but I did my best.  I no longer harbor dreams of dancing with Baryshnikov on the Metropolitan Opera House stage, but I do still like to shake my tailfeathers now and again, usually within the confines of my living room, and occasionally while watching the "Shake and Shimmy Edition" DVD of Hairspray. (They teach you the choreography! It's awesome!  I'll do "Ladies' Choice" right now, if you want to see it.)

Anyway, if you like dancing and/or dance-related movies, as I do, then I bet you'll like this.

After two viewings I've identified clips from:

Dirty Dancing
White Nights
Saturday Night Fever
Singin' in the Rain (and several other Gene Kelly-related clips)
Step Up
Step Up 2: The Streets
Mary Poppins
Kill Bill
West Side Story
Moulin Rouge
Jay and Silent Bob
A movie featuring Jamie Lee Curtis, John Travolta, and terrible 80s leotards, which I've identified as a film called Perfect
American Pie
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
Billy Elliot
What I think is Titanic
Strictly Ballroom
Phantom of the Opera
Something with Michael Jackson
High School Musical
Happy Feet
Save the Last Dance
Mamma Mia!
What I think is The Mask of Zorro
Coyote Ugly
Austin Powers
A Knight's Tale

Most surprising? The recent Steve Carell-starring remake of Get Smart.
Most surprising omission: Where the heck is Center Stage?!

There are a number of clips I couldn't identify, but take a look, folks. What did I miss?


  1. Oh my are you aware of this:


    Cooper Nielson makes an appearance...otherwise it's total crap!

  2. The Michael Jackson bit is from Moonwalker, it's a film from 1988 with some live footage and a few really bizarre fantasy sequences including a remake of Bad with little kids. It used to be played on MTV all the time, you know, back when MTV actually played videos.

  3. What?! A Knight's Tale is in this and I missed it?! One of my favorite movies. RIP Heath. :-(

  4. Oh, yes, and I'm pretty sure the Jamie Lee Curtis scene where she falls off the "pole" during a strip tease is from True Lies with Arnie.

    NICE WORK on putting that list together!

  5. Ash, I regret to say that I have seen the 2nd Center Stage movie, and it pales in comparison to the awesomeness of the first one. Though it DOES have the awesome Peter "Eyebrows" Gallagher.

    Keenie Beanie, the clip from A Knights Tale is verrrry brief, right around 3:40. It's from the scene at the banquet, or whatever it is. Jocelyn is wearing a green dress.

    And good call on True Lies. I didn't recognize that as J.L. Curtis, otherwise I probably would've figured it out.

  6. I cannot believe you failed to mention the greatest movie dance of all time (though it may not appear in the montage)...... BLUE SKIES from White Christmas! Sheesh. Perhaps you can YouTube it and post separately