Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dog Blog

It’s Wednesday. Dad is in Israel, communing with Moses and ancient demoniacs. Mom is at home worrying about tornados dropping a tree on the house (a seemingly irrational fear until you learn that this has occurred on two separate occasions, though not by tornados). I am watching hockey and mentally packing for my trip home this weekend, where G and I will party it up with Mom on her birthday.

We will also possibly get a dog. Not for me, unfortunately—I need to keep reminding myself of that—but for Mom and Dad.

Speaking of dogs, can we please talk about this?

May I present to you….the Komondor. Is this not the awesomest looking dog ever? I mean, look at him. He clearly has an affinity for reggae—check out the dreadlocks!—and I bet I could train him to keep my wood floors clean.

Although then I would probably have to clean the dog more frequently. Perhaps there’s a flaw in my plan.

I got completely sucked into the Westminster Kennel Club show last night, though I only saw the Toy and Working classes, followed by the Best in Show. And during the commercials, they showed about a zillion of these Purina ads about pet adoption. Pleading eyes peer adorably out of cages, and my heart breaks, and then I inevitably waste two hours looking for alternative housing with a fenced yard, until I get distracted by something else, like cupcakes or the Daily Show.

I want a dog. But you all knew that.


  1. Pannie, this blog is exactly why I love you. There were so many Pannie type thoughts in here that it made M and I smile and laugh and miss you a lot. We need a visit and roommate bonding. Soooo, please stop going to ATL to buy things. You should get a PLANE TICKET b/c really, your lodging is 100% free and we can just hang out by the pool and go on the water slide. And if you must shop, we have killer outlets. So every time you walk past ATL, just think "I could see Jules if I did not walk in here" and maybe, even though I am not there to stop your shopping, I can help you in that way. I love you, Pannie! And though I know I will see you for sure in 7 months, I hope it's sooner!!!

  2. In the great purge of '09 perhaps you could purge your ATL addiction. With that said...if you buy a ticket to Orlando, I'm totally going at the same time. We need a girls at the pool fest. Well some of us (err you and me) may enjoy the shade a bit, but we need a getaway none the less!

  3. woohoo girl reunion in Florida! I love it. But Ash, don't wait for Pannie if you can't contain yourself. I am up for a duo instead of a trio, if absolutely necessary!!