Sunday, January 18, 2009

Take a break from Obamamania to contemplate this:

So I have a problem. I know exactly one song about the Steelers, which I learned for their last Super Bowl appearance, but it is no longer applicable.

1) "Cowher Power" is no longer relevant. And nothing rhymes with Tomlin.
2) They already got one for the thumb. "Pittsburgh's gonna get one for the other hand now" doesn't quite work.

We have two weeks to work on a suitable alternative. Thinking caps on!


  1. As I could not care less about some team from Pittsburgh or a song about same, I'll comment on your "currently reading" section instead. Due to the dearth of interesting shows on TV last night (no 24, no Bones, no NCIS; perhaps you're picking up on my preferred genre), Carolyn ended up in control of the remote. Guess what was on GPB? "Wuthering Heights" (aka "sheep on the hillside, v1.0"). I read a book instead.

  2. I agree with Chris :) As a Cleveland native I cannot contemplate about the Steelers. Sorry Pannie.