Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Yesterday Dad complained that I haven't posted in a while. I haven't forgotten about you, loyal readers, but I've been experiencing a significant dearth of inspiration recently. I generally prefer to wait until I have something to say, rather than nattering on about nothing just to fill space, and I haven't had any bug incidents or anything to write about.

That was yesterday, though. Today I feel the urge to natter. About various things. I shall just leave the blog window open all day and add to it whenever I think of something. We'll see what happens!

Well. Fall has officially arrived, which means boots! sweaters! jackets! We're in that glorious period between the humidity of summer and the onset of the dry, cold air that creates great quantities of static in my hair. I treasure this time. It never lasts long.

Someone stole my scissors! They reside on my desk, with their orange handles sticking out of the Harrods Chocolate Chunk and Pecan Cookie tin that holds my pens and highlighters. (The cookies were consumed many years ago, but the tin lives on.) But when I came in this scissors! This has thrown off my entire morning.

Aside from Work Work Work, I've been consumed with Wedding Mania. There is something in the water, I think--Ed and Val were first with the engagements, followed by a friend from high school and then Jules and Miguel. And then! My favorite blogger from over at Nothing But Bonfires got engaged in Rome (and wrote a beautiful story about it).

E&V and J&M are getting married a week apart next September, which....YIKES. And also, fun! So my email inbox is chockablock with dress designs and flower colors and hairstyles and "Yikes, Who Does That?" photos. (Jules sends a lot of emails). It all seems so far away, until I remember that E&V's engagement party in PA is in three weeks, and I have no idea what I'm going to wear.

At work I edit a lot of schlock, much of it written by individuals with less understanding of English grammar than the average fourth grader. (I'm not talking about my colleagues at work. Much of the text I'm talking about comes from external sources.) However, I would like to commend whomever at the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra wrote the company bio that I edited today. It is well written, interesting, and uses the phrase "an historic moment," which I appreciate.

Apparently one side effect of not living with J anymore is that I no longer have a clue about what's going on with the Red Sox. (Me, on Saturday night: "So what's the significance of this game?" It was Game 6 of the ALCS. Oops.)

In case you were wondering about my sleep issues, they seem to have resolved themselves. I attribute this to a) reduced work-related stress, b) the Silly Putty that I bought last week for stress relief, and c) my bed being a haven of comfy wonderfulness. I flipped my mattress and put the Awesome and Ugly Sheets of Yore* on the bed. This, combined with the cool weather and my new ability to sleep past 6am, means that I never want to leave my bed.

*These sheets were my father's in college. They are both Awesome in their softness and Ugly, due to a tremendously ill-advised combination of colors (orange, blue, and brown plaid).

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  1. Just for the record, the sheets were purchased during graduate school. I had even uglier sheets in college. They were brown, bronze and white plaid - very 70's colors.