Friday, June 28, 2013

The Life List: Go to ten baseball games with Dad

Earlier this month, I jaunted up to New York for the second time this year. Dad was there for a few days with the church youth choir, so I went up to hang out with him and, when he was occupied, see some shows. 

On the day before his birthday, we knocked our sixth park off the list of major league stadiums where we've seen games together, thus making some progress on one of my Life List items.

The rest of the trip, while he was occupied with the choir kids, I met a friend for dinner (at the very charming Hundred Acres in SoHo)...

....ate more baked goods than is probably appropriate for a woman of my advancing age...

...and saw as many Broadway shows as possible in a 48-hour period. 

After last year, it's becoming an annual tradition, especially seeing so many shows mere days before the Tony Awards! All three shows were great — Newsies, in particular, I'd been looking forward to since it opened — but the real highlight for me was Pippin. I knew nothing about it going in, except that there were acrobats involved, and also Andrea Martin (who you may recall from this timeless role), and it turned out to be a total delight. It then went on to get a bunch of Tonys (best revival of a musical, best leading actress, best featured actress, best director, etc etc).

It was a great few days and a fun chance to spend some time with Dad (and on my own, too) in one of my favorite cities.